Shiya and Orb

Here's a project I've been working on for a few weeks. I wanted to create a Laura Croft like character, but in the style of Disney and Pixar. I learned a lot throughout this entire process, and I will be bringing these two back in upcoming projects!


Shiya is a self-employed treasure hunter who works with certain spy agencies on the side. She loves solving mysteries, and exploring places that haven’t been discovered. While she may seem and act like a sweet soul, she is loaded with sass and spunk.

Orb is an alien artifact found and named by Shiya during one of her expeditions. Orb is closely related to a spherical robot, with its metal shell encasing an unknown essence. Shiya uncovered a peculiar gem along with Orb’s discovery, and learned that she could telepathically communicate with Orb, and can instruct orb to transform into multiple things.

With Orb’s shape shifting and her adventurous charisma, Shiya faces challenges like no other hunter has before!

Because clay renders are cool...

Because clay renders are cool...